2021 MIPS Improvement Activity IA_CC_19: Tracking of clinician’s relationship to and responsibility for a patient by reporting MACRA patient relationship codes

Activity Description

To receive credit for this improvement activity, a MIPS eligible clinician must attest that they reported MACRA patient relationship codes (PRC) using the applicable HCPCS modifiers on 50 percent or more of their Medicare claims for a minimum of a continuous 90-day period within the performance period. Reporting the PRC modifiers enables the identification of a clinician’s relationship with, and responsibility for, a patient at the time of furnishing an item or service. See the CY 2018 PFS final rule (82 FR 53232 through 53234) for more details on these codes.

Activity ID Activity Weighting Sub-Category Name
IA_CC_19 High Care Coordination



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