2023 MIPS Improvement Activity IA_AHE_3: Promote use of Patient-Reported Outcome Tools

<h1>Activity Description</h1>
Demonstrate performance of activities for employing patient-reported outcome (PRO) tools and corresponding collection of PRO data such as the use of PHQ-2 or PHQ-9, PROMIS instruments, patient reported Wound-Quality of Life (QoL), patient reported Wound Outcome, and patient reported Nutritional Screening.
<th>Activity ID</th>
<th>Activity Weighting</th>
<th>Sub-Category Name</th>
<td>Achieving Health Equity</td>
<h1>Objective & Validation Documentation</h1>
Objective: Make it possible to use Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) data as part of routine care, thus increasing patient engagement and health outcomes for all populations.

Validation Documentation: Demonstrated performance of activities to promote use of PRO tools and corresponding collection of PRO data. Include both of the following elements:
1) Promotion of PRO tools – Evidence that eligible clinicians are promoting use of PRO tools with their patients (e.g., documented notes in electronic health record, PRO materials); AND
2) PRO data collection – Feedback reports demonstrating use of PRO tools and corresponding collection of PRO data

• PRO Measurement Information System (PROMIS): https://www.healthmeasures.net/explore-measurement-systems/promis
• Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ): https://www.phqscreeners.com



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